Kane County will hold its annual tax sale on Monday, October 28th, 2019.  The tax sale will start at 9 a.m.  It will be held at the Kane County Government Center, Building (A), Kane County Board Room, 719 South Batavia Avenue, Geneva, Illinois.  You must register to participate.  Registration will begin September 16th, 2019, and end October 11, 2019. Registration entitles you to one (1) seat in the boardroom.  All registration applications received before or after this time will be returned (no exceptions).


We advertise delinquent taxes in local newspapers approximately three (3) weeks prior to the sale.  A $500 deposit is required with your registration, ($450.00 being applied toward any items purchased at the sale and $50.00 toward the cost of the tax sale list).  New tax buyers must pay this deposit with certified funds.  There will be no refunds of deposits, unless you request a refund, in person, at the Treasurerís office while the sale is in progress.  If you do not attend the sale then you forfeit this money.  You must be physically present to participate at the sale.


Please note the boardroom will be cleared at 8 a.m. the day of the Sale.  There will be no advantage for a buyer to be present before 8 a.m. as there are no reserved seating arrangements in the boardroom.  Every effort is made to ensure that a fair opportunity is given to all buyers.  Please be considerate to the Treasurer, Staff and other Bidders.  All decisions of the Treasurer are final.  Inappropriate behavior towards the Treasurer, Staff or other Buyers may result in your removal from the sale.


Please note that participating in the sale involves significant risk.  The tax sale procedures are outlined in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 35 Act 200.  Please do not ask Treasurerís staff for legal or bidding advice.  If you need advice, please contact an attorney specializing in tax sale procedures.


The County Officer Property Sale Act (55 ILCS 55/1) states:No county officer, and no person employed by, or who is a relative or representative of, any county officer in the State of Illinois, while in office or holding office or while in such office or employment, shall have, possess or acquire any pecuniary interest, directly, indirectly or beneficially, or by any derivative process, in any real estate tax forfeiture or foreclosure in the county in which such county officer presides, other than the fee provided by law for the official duties of any such county officer in such proceedings.Relative shall be defined as a spouse or child, or the spouse of a child, including a child by adoption.



The tax sale is open to the public as seating permits.

There is no charge to observe the sale.


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